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Getting into Product Leadership

💻 Practical 6-week online mentorship program
🏆 For Product Managers aiming to become Product Leaders
✍️ We provide the structure and knowledge you need to secure the desired promotion
🗓 Next cohort starts: Sep 2nd
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What problems participants solve with our program:

“I don’t know what it means to be a Product Lead, and what the actual difference is from the work I’ve been doing.”
“I want to get promoted to a lead, but don’t know where to start. My manager hasn't provided a clear set of criteria.”
“I am an experienced Product Manager, but I am not perceived as a strong leader by stakeholders. What do I need to change?”
“I’m told I have to show more leadership skills to get promoted, but I don’t understand what it means in practice.”
“Some other people get promoted, but not me. And I don’t know the reason.”
“I understand that I should work on my skills to grow, but I lack the structure and discipline to nail it.”

What’s the format

As a Product Manager, you're tasked with numerous responsibilities, leaving little time for personal development. That's why our program is designed to be practical, minimising the time required for learning. Everything you'll learn is applicable and directly relevant to your daily tasks, making it easy to apply what you learn in your work.


A 6-week online mentorship program where you study with a cohort of 10 like-minded peers aiming for the same goal. The structure for each week is as follows:
Start of the week: 1-hour group setup session with the mentor to learn theory
During the week: Practical assignment based on your work settings
End of the week: 1-hour group session with the mentor to answer open questions and discuss common challenges
You'll also have access to our Learning Library, filled with useful materials and articles on Product Leadership for further exploration. It's not a program requirement to study these materials, as all the necessary topics will be covered in group sessions with the mentor, but they are available if needed.
⏳ Time commitment
Live sessions: 2 hours (1-hour setup session at the start of the week, 1-hour follow-up session at the end of the week)
Practical assignments: 2-3 hours during the week
Additional materials: 1 hour (optional)

What makes us unique

While many courses teach product skills—and they're a great starting point—to truly stand out, you need to transform your behaviours and mindset. Our program is specifically designed to address these aspects.

We provide a framework and the space for you to begin acting as a leader, equipping you with all the necessary knowledge and support.

💡It’s your actions, not just your knowledge, that will become noticeable when it comes to securing a promotion.
🗓 Next cohort starts: Sep 2nd

Who are the mentors?

Lana Khimka,
Lana is a Product Leader with 15+ years of experience working in big corporations (Yandex, Axel Springer) and fast-growing startups (Latana, Morressier). She built her career from being a software developer to a VP of Product, managing a team of 40+ people. Currently, she works as an Interim CPO and Product Strategy Consultant.Lana is an active contributor to the product community; she runs the ProductTank chapter in Berlin and actively mentors on the topics of product leadership.
Asya Kuznetsova
Asya is a Product Lead with 7+ years of experience building products and leading people. She currently works at Wise (formerly TransferWise), and before that, she worked as a Head of Product at Yandex, leading a team of 10+ people.
Christine Maree
Practical assignments were the game changer for me in this course. I enjoyed the opportunity to receive the feedback from Christine, and it allowed me to see my communication patterns. Course materials helped me to understand my areas of responsibility when it comes to feedback and communication, and I learnt tools that help me communicate feedback without being too direct. This course will definitely be relevant for anyone working in Product.

🗓️ Dates & Prices

Cohort size: 10 people max
Cohort starting date: September 2nd 2024
Price: €600, including VAT, for the 6-week program. (This can be paid by your employer from the learning budget; we will provide all the paperwork.)
🗓 Next cohort starts: Sep 2nd